PigBull — The Gift of Love

Ultimate Token of Affection



Looking for a way to enhance your relationship? Nothing beats new love, and nothing shows romantic affection quite like a gifting a new snuggly, cuddly pet.

Pot-Bellied Pigs have dominated the competitive marketplace of tokens of romantic affection for some time now—and for good reason. They’re intelligent, curious, clean and playful.

But it may be time for the traditional favourite to find a new home.


Happy Roast Pig

Look how happy he seems


Presenting Pig Bull – The New Pot-Bellied Pig

Experts agree, the PigBull has everything the Pot-Bellied Pig has going for it; but brings to the table it’s own wholly unique character and personality too. No casual park-strolling admirer stopping for a pat will mistake your PigBull for some old Pot-Bellied Pig! Or at least, not for long.

With a uniquely soft, warm layer of fur, the PigBull is infinitely snugglier than a standard pig. Which will instantly gain you significant advantage in the romantic presents department.

Roses wilt. Chocolates melt, or go straight to the thighs. A bottle of wine soon becomes a pricey hangover.

But a PigBull will not.  A PigBull is something else entirely.


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