Pelvic Implants On The Way

pelvisDoctors have recognised for years now that erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of coronary artery disease, often preceding the onset of atherosclerosis by three years.

Not surprising then that doctors at medicine’s “cutting edge” should look to the stent – a standard treatment for coronary disease – for fixing erectile dysfunction.

And that is just what is happening, with ten medical centers in the US embarking on a stent trial that will no doubt perk the attention of men with ED who have found no other alternative that works for them.

While some doctors involved in the trial see the results as mainly being suitable for young men who have suffered traumatic injuries that affect arterial flow, others are more hopeful the technique – if successful – might have wider uses.

From Heart to Pelvis

Stents are metal mesh tubes that commonly are placed in heart arteries during angioplasty procedures.

With coronary disease, arteries become occluded and blood flow is decreased. In the new procedure being trialled with 50 men in ten medical centres throughout the US, the stent is placed in arteries in the pelvis to open up the arteries and allow blood flow, thus correcting the erectile dysfunction.

The stent surgery may be invasive, but if it works, it may become quite commercial in the sense that it will be popular, like the breast implant, according to ABC news.

Viagra Doesn’t Work for 50%

Lead researcher Dr Jason H Rogers (UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA) says studies have shown that up to half of the 25 million U.S. men who report erectile dysfunction, or ED, do not adequately respond to drugs such as Viagra and Cialis.

“There is an unmet clinical need for some other therapy to help these men.”

Besides Viagra and Cialis, other ED treatments include vacuum pumps, self-injected medications and implants, each of which has drawbacks, Rogers said.

“Invasiveness and the lack of spontaneity for intercourse are two of the major drawbacks” of the alternatives to popular medications such as Viagra, Rogers said.

Not Penile Implant

In the study, a tiny mesh tube coated with a drug would be threaded though a small incision in the body and implanted in arteries that supply blood to the penis, Rogers said.

“Our theory is there are men who have blockages in arteries that feed the penis and that limits their ability to get an erection,” Rogers said. “We are not putting stents inside the penis, or putting some rigid metal tubes in the penis to make it stiff.”

Results will be known in 2011.  Would you be interested in having this treatment, or interested in your man having it? Is it just a natural progression of medical science for an increasingly aged population? Let us know what you think.

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