New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy

1. If you have a resolution to eat healthy

Plan ahead. My fiance makes a list of 7 things that she is going to cook for dinner for next 7 days. Hence we buy the groceries for those days, saving money and which motivates us to eat more dinners at home. We are tempted to go out and eat if we don’t know what to cook for dinner.

2. If you have a resolution to exercise more

Make smaller more frequent milestones that are tested regularly. For example make a goal for each month, like loose 1KG each month, and have an accountability partner who would ask you each month on your progress. Also have a gym buddy, who goes to gym with you or who goes on walks or jog with you.

3. If your resolution is to reduce alcohol intake

Avoid catching up with friends at bars; instead choose coffee shops like Starbucks where they don’t serve alcohol. Join support groups. When friends visit ask them to bring a bowl of salad or something else instead of bottle of wine.

4. If your resolution is spending time with your kids

Sign up to an activity they want to do together like an art class. Make it something fun not only for your kids but also for you. It is not a chore.

5.  If your resolution is to reduce your debt

First make a list of the all the credit cards and other monthly payments you need to pay. Second calculate how much you can earn and pay back each month for those debts. Third stick to your monthly targets. Have someone accountable who questions any unnecessary and impulse purchases.

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