New Mattress Ruins Sex


Memory-foam mattresses are the latest thing. Sales have now grown to 20% of the mattress market: a type of dense material that responds to body heat, and moulds comfortably around the body to provide excellent support. Given the current first world epidemic of insomnia and sleep difficulties, it’s no wonder the mattress technology is popular.

There’s just one little drawback.


Getting a sinking feeling about this…


Terrible for Sex

The mattresses are so plush and yielding, it’s almost impossible to get a good amount of traction. Or as some customers have put it, the main problem is you end up:

“…losing a pretty good rhythm

Or even

“…[it’s] like shagging in a lump of clay


Not actually as much fun as it may sound


The mattresses aren’t too cheap either—though some are available for under $500, they can range to over ten times that. Overall though, owners tend to rate the mattresses from fair to good.


Choose to Snooze?

So. Essentially, the choice here seems to boil down to:

Sex or snooze?

Mattress-manufacturer Sealy has definitely drawn its line in the sand:

A recent superbowl ad for the bed giant shows a post-coital couple in bed with flushed cheeks, looking very sated, followed by the tagline:

“It’s better on springs.”

And then the tagline:

“Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it.”

The emphasis here clearly on the potential meanings behind the term ‘support’! Pundits have described this a clear dig at rivals Tempur-Pedic, the manufacturers of the vast majority of memory-foam mattresses, asserting that when it comes to sex at least, springs may indeed be better!


Bedroom Science

Curious to know which mattresses are best for sex? An in-depth analysis, comparing five mattress types over eight sexual criteria, can be found here.

What do you think though? Is a good night’s sleep worth more than sex?

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