New Lover Makes You Smarter?

new lover makes you smarter?

Can having sex make you smarter? A new Italian study appears to say yes, and apparently it helps if it’s sex with an new lover, too.

Sex Smarts

It seems that having sex can indeed boost your brain power, particularly in that new love (or limerence) phase. Or that’s the findings of new research from The University of Pavia, Italy (why is it always the Italians?)

The study found people in new relationships experience more neural growth, heightened alertness. It seems sex may also especially encourage growth of neurons responsible for learning and memory tasks, as well as helping prevent mental decline by increasing the flow of nutrients to the brain.

As if you needed another reason!

Boost Your Brain Power the Fun Way

The Italian research investigated three groups: new couples, long term couples and singles.

Blood tests carried out on people who’d recently fallen in love indicated a recent increase in neural nerve growth, and one significantly higher than both the singletons and settled couples. The study’s authors also found that regular, good sex itself not only boosts brain power, but also reduces stress and its potentially harmful long term effects.

Recent research at Princeton University, this time with rats, appears to corroborate these findings.

What do you think? Can sex really make you smarter? Does it even matter? Let us know your thoughts!



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