Movember – Which Mo is Right for You?

Which Moustache is Right for You?


Movember is upon us. And as it’s all for a great cause, prostate health awareness, what more excuse do you really need to unfurl the finest Mo in town?

fancy mo

If you’re still a little uncertain of where to even begin, look no further than this moustache advice direct from none other than Ron Swanson himself.

And what if you are keen to join in, but just not quite sure which Mo is you? Well, thanks to the fine folk at Bite, we’re pleased to present this grand chart showing the full taxonomy of Movember moustaches: from the trustworthy old favourites, to hip modern improvisations, to the dodgy ones you might want to avoid (unless you’re aiming to frighten small children!)

Movember Moustache Taxononmy - Bite

Take Prostate Health Seriously

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What are you planning for Movember?

Share your thoughts (and moustaches) with us!

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