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Famous Faces Movember

There was a mini flurry of excitement in February when TV viewers thought they detected a faint fuzz on US President Barack Obama’s upper lip. Was he going to be the first president to sport a moustache since William Howard Taft in 1923? False alarm it seems, and the White House remains a facial-hair-free zone.

But in the interests of promoting Movember, the men’s health initiative to raise funds for prostate cancer by growing sponsored moustaches, we thought it would be interesting to see how Obama and a number of other prominent politicos would look if they decided to become a Mo Bro (or Mo Sista).


George W Bush

Anti war protesters used pictures of Dubba with a Hitler moustache to give the ex-Prez a bad name. We thought we’d prefer to see him with an imperial style – hair growing from upper lip and cheeks and curled upwards. Appropriate for a guy who once led the biggest empire in the Free World.


Sarah Palin

In Turkey the slogan “do I have to have a moustache to be in Parliament?” highlighted the lack of women in powerful places. We know the former Alaskan Governor is now just an ordinary citizen, but her brief run to glory qualifies the gal as a Mo Sista.

sarah palin

Vladimir Putin

President Putin has revived the cult of the body with his mastery of the sporting-political scene. Photographs in which he fishes, practises judo and strikes a variety of absurd, he-man poses have inspired not ridicule, but adoration.  So we say lead the way Vladimir, by inspiring world leaders to grow a mo!


Helen Clark

With her consciously low-pitched voice, former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark, now head of the United Nations Development Programme, the third-highest UN position, was frequently accused of being more of a man than the blokes she ruled. So why not a mo as well?

helen clark

Hone Harawira

Currently the bad boy of NZ politics because he skived off for a weekend in Paris with his wife when he should have been in boring Brussels meetings. Why not a mo to improve his prospects?


Hillary Clinton

She’s been accused of wearing pants to undermine male authority. We say why not go the whole hog?

hilarry clinton

Rodney Hide

He ditched his wife and a ton of weight, found (much younger) new love and went dizzy on Dancing with the Stars. Now his perk-busting reputation is shattered with revelations of tax-payer funded jaunts with blonde Louise to Hawaii and points north. All he needs now is sexy mouth hair.


Nicholas Sarkozy

He wears shoes with heels and he’s married to Carla Bruni. All that’s left for him to grow a mo to beat Mugabe’s.



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