Money Key To Men’s Cheating

Take note gals; if you are earning more than your man, he’s more likely to cheat on you. That’s what a new study into infidelity shows – and researchers conclude it may be a way for the male to “restore his sense of identity when it’s under threat.”

The danger is highest in groups with strong ideas of traditional male roles, like Latinos, says the study’s author, Christin Munsch, a sociology doctorate candidate at Cornell University.

But if you’re feeling confident because you earn less than your partner, think again.

Women Less Likely to Cheat

The same study – reported in the Sydney Morning Herald – found that men whose partners were more dependent on them were also more likely to cheat.  So they cheat anyway!!!!

It is different for women, though. If a woman is the main breadwinner in the family, she is more likely to cheat: it would seem that relationships where women earn more than men really are doomed.

And if she depends on her male partner for money, then she is less likely to cheat.

Overall, women are half as likely to cheat as men anyway, whatever the circumstances, the study found.

Sexual Double Standards

”Women’s femininity is not defined by their breadwinner status, nor is it defined by sexual conquest. Therefore, economic dependency does not serve as a threat to women,” Ms Munsch said.

”Rather, given the sexual double standard, it is likely that, for women, economic dependency leads women to be more faithful.”

How To Prevent Cheating

The study indicates ways to prevent one’s partner cheating without giving up a well-paid day job.

Both sides being satisfied in a relationship is a sure-fire way to make infidelity disappear, and getting your partner to go to church or the mosque or temple regularly is another: the more regularly an individual attends a religious service, the less likely he or she is to cheat, the study says.

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