Marriage Rights for ‘Thruples’?

Brazilian Thruple Defies Traditional Definition of Marriage

The question of who exactly is or isn’t entitled to a legally defined ‘marriage’ is being hotly debated in many countries at the moment.

Brazil’s Novel Challenge to Tradition

While the focus has typically been on sexual orientation, a recent marriage between some deeply-in-love Brazilians has highlighted a perhaps more unexpected challenge to traditional definitions of marriage—

Should marriages be restricted to adult couples in a loving, committed relationship? Why not thruples?


Brazilian Thruple Defies Traditional Marriage Definition

Yep, just like it sounds…



‘Thruple’ is the newly minted term being used to describe this polyamorous Brazilian trio (rhymes with couple, apparently).

And though the public notary who served as their celebrant, Claudia do Nascimento Domingues has been quick to defend their union, others are less impressed.  Regina Beatriz Tavares da Silva, Brazilian lawyer and spokesperson for The Commission for the Rights of the Family, has declared the thruple’s marriage “absurd and totally illegal”, a violation of Brazil’s values and morals.

So far the threesome have declined to speak to the press. Ms. Domingues has revealed that the thruple have lived together in Brazilian capital Rio De Janeiro for three years, have shared finances, and assert themselves to be very much in love.


What do you think? Is it narrow-minded to insist that marriage must be between two people?  And if it is fair to allow thruples, why not quadruples too? And if so what should the group size limit be?

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