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sex and marrijuana

Marijuana weed has enjoyed good and bad press when it comes to its aphrodisiac properties. For every man who attributes his failure to perform on too many joints (marijuana has been linked to ED) there are others proclaiming it gets them high in more ways than one.

In Tantric tradition warmed marijuana milkshakes made from resin-laden cannabis flowers mixed with milk, sugar, pepper, almonds, cardamom, poppy seeds and ginger  were drunk as part of sex rituals.

Move on more than a thousand years and a marijuana gel is being promoted as 21st century woman’s “therapeutic aphrodisiac.”  Foria is a cannabis sativa and coconut oil lube which claims to deliver enhanced orgasms.

There Is A Catch

Produced from “California grown, lab-tested cannabis oil” it is marketed by Aphrodite Group, a medical marijuana collective offering “safe, secure access to the highest quality medical marijuana.”

There is one barrier to purchase, other than age – you have to be over 18 to get it – and that is you must have a physician’s statement and recommendation letter pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 1132.5 and Senate Bill 420. And then you must join the collective.

Experiences of Lube Gel Differ

Foria’s manufacturers say experience of the lubricant’s action is different for everyone, and may vary according to previous experience with the drug.

“Some women have experienced feelings of enhanced warmth, increased blood flow, tingling, and relaxation.

“Others have found it easier to reach orgasm or to have multiple orgasms, or that their climaxes are longer and/or more intense.

“For other women it has helped with relaxation and sleeping.”

A Numbing Conclusion

While cannabis culture claims benefits for marijuana as an aphrodisiac for both women and men, a study published in the January 2011 issue of the Sexual Health Journal indicates that marijuana contains certain molecules that have a way of targeting nerve receptors in the penis and rendering them numb.

Researcher and physician Rany Shamloul says that while many people have a tendency to focus on the positive aspects of sex and marijuana, there is a dark side to the drug that is not necessarily beneficial to the stoned boner.

And while the study didn’t investigate whether the same type of numbing might occur on female genitals when applied topically, we are left wondering.

If you can’t or don’t want to go to the trouble of seeking out the medical marijuana gel there are naturally derived gels like Ignite Intimate Gel which work well and are guaranteed to leave nothing numb.






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