Liuk Skyworker

And you thought your job was tough.

Thousands of metres in the air, his whole weight supported by a plank of wood and inch-thick hollow steel bar, Xiang Liuk pauses his work to admire a passing cloud.

“That’s a nice one,” he gestures.



















Builders in the Sky

Building the plank walkways on Shifou Mountain can be challenging, Liuk says.  The walkways are only three feet wide; directly below are 90 degree cliffs, a pure vertical drop with no slope, alcoves, picnic areas or even bathrooms. And the demands of the job often require him to spend several months living in the mountains. He does not recommend this sort of work for young people, as cellphone coverage is essentially non-existent, and facebook access intermittent at best.

Pros and Cons

There are a few perks too though.

“Sure,” Liuk admits, “it is very high up, very dangerous. Yes, for sure. But the view is pretty good eh!”

His co-worker Jing Hao is quick to agree. “Yes. And so much fresh air is very good for you also. All job, you see, have some ups and some downs. This one thing is always certain. Here at least the pay is quite nice though. Hey—If you know of a better way to make US$0.15 per day, I’d like to hear it!”

















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