Labour of Love?


New western film Good For Nothing is making headlines for its unconventional protagonist: an anti-hero hell-bent on getting his erectile dysfunction cured, by hook or by crook.


Pistol Out Of Lead

The character is your typical western anti-hero:  gaunt, weather-burnt face (prone of course to thousand-yard stares, squinting against the setting sun), purloined wench in tow—

Only in this case, our anti-hero finds himself unable to make good on his intents with said purloined-wench


Happens to the best of us sometimes

Or as The Man puts it himself, in his first line of typically pithy dialogue:

“My dick is broke.”


Labour of Love

As the first Western filmed in New Zealand, Good For Nothing has been Dubbed a Kiwi Spaghetti-Western, or Pavlova Western. It follows the picaresque escapades of this unnamed anti-hero in his quest for a workable erectile dysfunction cure.

This leads him not only to suffer through a bad run of bogus ‘cures’, but also an armed posse that’s soon on his tail, hoping both kill him and take the woman for themselves.

Reviews make it clear that this isn’t one for the classical western purists — for viewers expecting a fearless hero out to champion common decency. Far from it! If you’re a fan of rugged scenery with even more rugged inhabitants, plenty of shoot-outs and some trademark deadpan kiwi humour though, you’ll be in for a treat.

In fact, the film has even been compared by The Hollywood Reporter to  “…Early Sam Raimi or the Coen Brothers.”

The film’s website is here.

And see the trailer here:



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