Joys of Sex


Science says sex is good for you.

Not that we needed much of an excuse. But thanks anyway, science.


You’re welcome guys!


Seminal research published by the British Medical Journal in 1997 established a strong link between regular orgasms and mortality.

While just living longer and having more sex alone sounds like a pretty good deal, there’s plenty of other benefits too, which we’ve taken the liberty of listing for you.

You know. Just in case you’re not quite convinced yet.


The Joys of Sex

#1 Natural Painkiller

Just before orgasm, the hormone oxytocin surges to five times its normal level. As a result, endorphins are released, which helps relieve all sorts of pain: toothache, headache, arthritis. Even migraines.

In women it also stimulates estrogen production, which can reduce PMS and Menopausal pain and discomfort.


#2 Good Stress

Sex has been shown to increase the levels of Glucorticoids, stress hormones, thought to contribute to conditions such as heart disease, depression and mental decline. Technically, sex can thus be classed as a stressor.

But science says sex is a good stress. Despite increased levels of stress hormones, sex is not linked with the usual negative impacts of stress. Rather, new brain growth and reduced stress and anxiety.

And apparently, the more sex the better!


#3 Smell Like a Bloodhound

Improve your sense of smell, that is – not stink like one!


Sorry, Scooby

Post-sex, the hormone Prolactin surges. This causes new stem cell growth in the olfactory bulb: the brain’s scent-processing centre.


#4 Heart Health

We already know sex is good aerobic exercise: sex three times a week can burn off the calorie equivalent of six Big Macs, according to British researchers.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Sex three or more times a week is also linked with a halved risk of heart disease and stroke.


#5 Bust a Gut

Sex counts as exercise. An energetic session burns about 200 calories — much like a 15 minute run or vigorous squash session.

Given the choice, which would you pick?


Much more fun


#6 Lower Depression Risk

Due to the release of hormones and endorphins during intercourse, sex is a real mood-lifter. So it should come as no surprise that studies show regular sex, like other aerobic exercises, are linked long-term to a reduced risk of developing clinical depression.


#7 Nature’s Immuno-Boost

What may surprise you though is that regular sex may be just about the best preventative cure we’ve heard of for the common cold. Even the flu!

Psychologists at Pennsylvania’s Wilkes University found that people having sex on at least a weekly basis had 30% increased levels of critical antibody, immunoglobulin A. Immunoglobulin A is a hard-working antigen. First binds to invading bacteria to restrict their mobility, and then it rouses the immune system to destroy the unwanted guests.

Well. Certainly beats forcing down daily shots of wheatgrass.


Mmm… wheatgrass!


#8 Prostate and Bladder Health

Ever heard of Kegel Exercises? Believe it or not, each time you control urination flow, you’re performing these exercises and working out your pelvic floor muscles. Adults suffering from incontinence are often given Kegel Exercises to help regain control. This same muscle group is also used during sex.

Sex is also good for prostate health. Some urologists claim a causal link between frequent ejaculation and reduced prostate cancer risk.

Just in case you needed one more reason!


I was just doing it for my Prostate


Too Much of a Good Thing?

But is there such a thing as too much sex?

Not really.

The University of Bristol’s Dr Claire Bailey says there is effectively no risk of a sex-overdose for women. According to Dr Bailey, the worst a women can expect from high frequency sex is probably a highly toned stomach, buttocks, and improved posture.

For men, it’s possible to damage penile muscle tissue, theoretically. The good news though is that you’d probably have to be taking steroids and Viagra simultaneously to even get close to sustaining that sort of damage. Plus, you’d definitely experience significant numbness and pain first – a warning most of us no doubt would heed pretty quickly!


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