Jane Fonda Finds Love at 71

richard perry

Gorgeous Jane Fonda is in love again – outing herself on her blog http://janefonda.com/pda/ – after she was caught in “public displays of affection” (PDAs) with music producer Richard Perry at a birthday party for legendary muso Robbie Robertson at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Bar.

She’d hinted in an earlier post that she was in love; “Maybe I shouldn’t have but it’s so much fun I couldn’t resist,” she said – but she didn’t name the new man. When a TV gossip column picked up on the pair making out in a car park, Jane decided to “go public”.

“In May I told friends I’d stop thinking about love and all the other good stuff. “That’s all over for me,” I thought. “Oh yeah…wham.”

First Met 35 Years Ago

Fonda says she first met Perry 35 years ago “when he gathered heavy hitters from the music industry to support my then-husband, Tom Hayden’s run for the US Senate. I danced with him in Aspen 25 years ago and didn’t see him again till a week after my knee replacement surgery in June when our mutual friend, Carrie Fisher, acted as a go-between at Richard’s request and set up a dinner.”

Jane is supposed to be completing her next book but entertainment columns report she’s been going to all the rehearsals of Richard’s new musical “Baby It’s You” about Florence Greenberg,   Jewish housewife in New Jersey who started her own record company Scepter Records in the 1950s.

She was the first woman to start a record company and created a long list of hits with, among other groups, the Shirelles.

Says Jane: “It’s pretty exciting– the music I grew up with.”

Third Act  More Fun

Love and rehab for knee surgery have left little time for writing, so she says she’ll “just have to hole up at my ranch starting week after next and knuckle down. I guess the chapter on love etc in the third act will be more interesting now–and fun to write.”

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