Hot Women, Hot Daughters

A London scientist’s claim that beautiful couples have more daughters than sons has got the Web running hot, as people debate the truth or falsity of the idea that good looking men are being side-lined by evolution.

And they’ve turned to the glitzy world of celebrity to prove or disprove the point.

While the Daily Mail suggested it may also explain why many models have daughters who follow in their glamorous footsteps – such as Yasmin Le Bon, who is signed to the same modelling agency as daughter Amber, and Jerry Hall, whose daughters Elizabeth and Georgia Jagger have both taken to the catwalk, others disagree.

Most Beautiful Lists Prove Opposite

The paper quoted Andrew Geltman, a statistician at Columbia University, who analysed People magazine’s annual 50 most beautiful people lists for 1995 to 2000.

With the featured celebrities slightly more likely to have sons than daughters, his conclusion was the opposite of Dr Kanazawa’s.

And his verdict will probably prove more popular with glamorous mothers such as Victoria Beckham – who has three sons with husband David.

Demi and Bruce, Jennifer and Ben

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have two daughters. Tina Knowles had Beyonce and Solange.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have three daughters, as do Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso, who has another daughter from a previous relationship.

Kris Kardashian has five daughters, and Bruce Jenner was a pretty good-looking guy before all that plastic surgery.

Sons Not Daughters

On the other hand, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, who are both good-looking people, have two sons and no daughters.

The late Princess Diana also had sons, but Kanazawa could argue that this was the case because Prince Charles is not considered “handsome.”

The other issue is beauty standards change over time and vary with culture. For instance, many American women see tan skin as beautiful, while most Asian women value a pale complexion.

In the 1920’s, American women bound their breasts to appear more flat-chested, while contemporary society considers a voluptuous bosom more beautiful.




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