Happy 66th Birthday to fabulous Stevie. Plus Christine McVie on rejoining Fleetwood Mac at 70

The fabulous Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac just keep on keeping on. Turning 66 on May 26, Stevie  told interviewer Chris Booker in a Grammy red carpet interview you can’t ever dwell on past achievements. “You’ve  just got to keep moving because otherwise you go into a wasteland.

“My life is very exciting because I do a lot of different things.  . . . I have a passion for what I do. If I was doing something I didn’t love I think I’d be older.

“I still have a reason to dance out of bed and down the hall in the morning.”

One big reason to be happy is the return of Christine McVie to the band after a 16 year absence. McVie will sing with the familiar line up (Lindsay Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood) in the band’s coming American tour from September through to December.  After 15 years playing at being an English country girl “donning the old Hunter boots and Barbour jacket to slosh around in mud with the Range Rover,” after divorce five years ago she says she realised she felt quite isolated in Kent.

She told The Guardian: “It’s beautiful, but it’s miles from where my friends are. And it’s taken me 14 or 15 years to realise that it’s not really what I want at all.”

Both Nicks and McVie have long weathered the double standard that applies to women in rock.  While men can consume to excess and be seen as “Dionysian” when women do the same they are seen as “damaged and out-of-control,” says McVie.

Stevie and I  “made a pact, probably in our first rehearsal, that we would never accept being treated as second-class citizens in the music business. That when we walked into a room we would be so fantastic and so strong and so smart that none of the uber-rockstar group of men would look through us. And they never did.”

And despite all the press about excessive drug consumption, for much of the time touring with Fleetwood Mac was like being in the army, says McVie.

“The rock’n’roll lifestyle did have its perks but it wasn’t all limos and parties in the early days.”

In an interview with Oprah last year Stevie talked about her famous break up with Buckingham.  Audiences find the chemistry between them on stage is still strong,

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