Green Tea Cancer Fighter?

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for green tea the cancer fighter


The health benefits of green tea have been attested to for some time.

New research from Scotland’s University of Strathclyde into one particular green tea extract, epigallocatechin gallate, provides the best evidence yet for that holy grail of medicinal science:  a bona-fide cancer killer.


Delicious Green Tea the Cancer Killer

Cancer-Fighting Cuppa?


Targeted-Delivery System Wipes Out Tumours

Previous research has indicated the compound’s potential as an anti-cancer agent, but scientists have struggled to find a delivery method capable of delivering an effective dose to the site of the cancers.

Until that is the clever team at Strathclyde hit upon a novel ‘targeted-delivery system’, by essentially piggy-backing the compound on iron-rich proteins which tumours love to gorge themselves on.

And the initial results on human skin cancers are encouraging:  after a month of treatment, 40% of tumours completely disappeared, and a further 30% were seen to shrink significantly.

With actual human trials still some time away, the scientists are cautious about claiming too much too soon. But if the initial tests are anything to go by, this may be one of the most important confirmations in medical science to date.


What do you think? Could drinking tea really reduce your risk of cancer?

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