Great Yarn – Too Bad that’s It’s All a Hoax

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Heard the one about a man who purchased a “penis enlargement device” and got sent a magnifying glass with instructions “Do Not Use in Sunlight?”

The merry tale of “Ong” (rhymes with “dong”) from Malaysia who was scammed for NZ$165 in pursuit of increasing his masculine dimensions went global after MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong used it as an example of the dangers of buying online at a press conference.

The very public warning from a government official gave the tale unusual credibility.

Friends Were Having a “Joke”

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Trouble was, the story was one of those urban myths, so old it was growing whiskers and originally only circulated as a joke.

A similar tale written and illustrated by Juan Rubio allegedly happened in Spain in 2012.

It seems some old “friends” of Mr Chong’s (brick and mortar retailers worried about online competition no doubt) had set him up, forwarding the tale to him even though they knew it was a joke, asking him to use it to highlight the dangers of buying on the web.

Mr Chong justified the gaffe by saying that although at the time he called the press conference he didn’t realise it was a hoax, there were a lot of penis enlargers scam websites and he believed in warning consumers about them.

Ways to Enhance Male Health

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No doubt about it – most of the websites that promise “penis enlargement” are simply playing to masculine insecurity and vanity.

That’s not to say some products don’t have benefits in helping men achieve stronger erections. Penis pumps, penile injections, and herbal products like Herbal Ignite have all had a good track record with giving better erections.

And if you are worried about your penis size, the Mayo Clinic has a couple of good suggestions.

  • Trim your pubic hair – having a trimmed bush makes your penis look larger
  • Get in shape: exercise and diet to get rid of your belly fat.  Not only will your penis look larger if it isn’t peeping out of a lot of fat tissue, you’re much more likely to get healthy erections if you are trim and fit.
  • Feeling unhappy about penis size is common, especially when web porn gives men unrealistic ideas about what is “normal.”  Talk to a sex therapist about “normal sex” and “fantasy sex” and get a grip (pardon the expression) on real life. Then you won’t have a need for a magnifying glass.







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