Good Partner = Bad Lover

Research suggests that women on the pill pick men who are good partners, but boring lovers.

The Royal Society of Biological Sciences conducted a study differentiating the partners chosen by women on the pill, and women who were not.

It found that those who were currently taking the pill were more likely to commence on a long-term committed relationship, however those not on the pill were compensated for the relative brevity of their relationships: the men they became involved with tended to be more handsome, and rated as better lovers!

Bitter Pill to Swallow

The reasons behind this may be hormonal variation relating to ovulation cycles. Previous research has found women are more likely to be attracted to ‘masculine’ men during ovulation, and as the pill smoothes hormonal levels, macho muscle-bound hunks may not seem as attractive as stable, reliable men with steady jobs.

Dull and nice vs. sexy and poor relationship skills: not exactly a win-win situation!

And the Catch 22 of the situation isn’t particularly good news for men either; with attractiveness to women on the pill may indicate low masculinity and poor lovemaking potential!

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