Get Walking To Improve Sex Life

man walkingResearch shows that walking a couple miles a day can significantly help men’s chances of avoiding, or even reversing, erectile dysfunction.

Studies show a brisk two miles (or 30 minutes) a day, even if you start at mid life, can maintain your sexual health and  extend your sex life by ten years.

Men who initiated physical activity in midlife in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study had a 70% reduced ED rate compared with sedentary controls.

Even better, combine exercise with losing weight, and the positive benefits for your sex life as well as general health can be even more dramatic.

One Third Enjoy Better Sex

Losing weight and increasing exercise enabled a third of obese men from 35 to 55 who had sought treatment for erectile dysfunction to regain sexual potency, Italian doctors report.

During the two-year-long clinical study at the Second University of Naples, Italy, 110 obese men (average weight 103kgs) ate 300 fewer calories a day and increased activity time from 48 to 195 min/wk compared with 84 min/wk for the control group.

The men reported erectile dysfunction but were screened to exclude diabetes, heart or prostate disease.

Supervised For Success

The key to the success of the programme seems to be that the group who lost weight had sessions with a personal trainer and nutritional counsellor every month for the first year, and then bi-monthly during the second year to help them keep motivated.

The control group had general education information at the same regular intervals, but without supervision did not act on it.

By the end of the study, all the men in the supervised group had lost weight and enjoyed other health and sexual improvements, while there was no change in the weight for the control group, and only three of 55 men had recovered normal erectile function.

The men did not know that the study was specifically examining the potential improvement in sexual function.

Sex Life Not Only Benefit

Apart from the improvements in sexual function and self esteem, there were other health benefits:

  • In the supervised group, overall blood pressure was lowered, but not in the control group.
  • In the supervised group, overall cholesterol levels dropped, but the subjects had an increase in their good HDL cholesterol levels. The control group’s overall cholesterol went up, but with no increase in their good HDL levels.
  • Triglyceride levels and C-reactive protein counts also dropped for the supervised group, but not the control, reducing the chance them developing diabetes.

Herbal Solution to Erectile Dysfunction

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