Get Healthy Fast Tips # 2

Tips for Getting Healthy Fast

If you caught our first instalment of great easy health tips and are keen for more, look no further!

Here’s some more great, simple lifestyle changes that are small enough not to be a pain, yet will have great long-term health impact.

Presenting, our second instalment of great tips to get healthy fast.


Get Healthy Tip #10 – Moisturize. Daily.

Love the skin you’re in and all that. But no, seriously. It’ll help prevent dry, flaking skin, and long-term will drastically reduce the visual appearance of aging.


Get Healthy Tip #11 – Drink Coffee Black.

Research shows coffee is good for you (in moderation of course!) Taking your coffee without milk, cream, sugars or syrups and additives will cut calories right down.


Get Healthy Tip #12 – Eat Whole Wheat Bread, Not White.

Basically, whole wheat is higher and fibre and fibre helps regulate digestion, reduces cholesterol and all that good stuff. Go for it.


Get Healthy Tip #13 – Bit of a Stretch.

This doesn’t have to be something arduous, akin to a medieval torture rack. Unless that’s what you go for.

Simple, brief stretching improves flexibility, endurance, strength and muscle tone. It’s win-win folks.


Get Healthy Tip #14 – Get Off Earlier?

If you catch a train or bus to walk, consider disembarking one stop earlier than your usual. Not only will a little extra walking burn calories, believe it or not it’ll also decrease anxiety and strengthen your bones.


Get Healthy Tip #15 – And Walk Faster.

A little power-walk will not only do wonders for muscle tone and fat reduction, it’ll also help you get to where you need to be faster too! Just think what you could do with all those extra minutes in your day.


Get Healthy Tip #16 – Regular Handwashing.

Use soap too, and make sure your hands are properly dried afterwards. This is critical to reduce bacteria spread.


Get Healthy Tip #17 – Meditation / Prayer.

No longer just for chaps in orange robes or backwoods chapels, more and more executives worldwide swear by a little spiritual relaxation here and there.


Get Healthy Tip #18 – Park Further From Your Destination.

Another easy way to get in a little extra walking each day.


Get Healthy Tip #19 – Unplug.

From your smartphone, tablet, whatever—you’d be surprised how much taking a temporary break from the rest of the world can help in times of stress. Give it a try sometime. Get back in touch with nature, or actual face to face conversation or whatever else it is you’re missing out on.


What’s your opinion? Any other good tips we’ve neglected? Let us know what you think, we love to hear your perspectives!



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