Get Healthy Fast Tips #1

Get Healthy Fast!

Want to turn your life around but not too keen on marathons and going full Raw Vegan just yet?

Well good news. As it turns out there’s  plenty of simple, small lifestyle changes you can make that you’ll barely notice—that is, until you start reaping the rewards of a fitter, healthier you!

Presenting our first instalment of nine great tips to get healthy fast (next instalment available here)


Get Healthy Tip #1 – Learn to Cook

Not only will you save yourself a bunch of dough, but the food you cook will be a whole lot cheaper than your standard take out or restaurant fare. Plus, your new chef skills will boost your self-esteem and be sure to impress the opposite sex!


Get Healthy Tip #2 – Use Avocado Instead of Butter

On your breakfast toast. The fats in avocado are much better for you, and the fruits are packed full of great nutrients besides.


Get Healthy Tip #3 – Stand on One Leg

When brushing your teeth, doing your hair—wherever possible. This easy multi-tasking activity will improve balance and muscle tone.


Get Healthy Tip #4 – Swap Fruit for Sweets

Not only are the sugars in fruit better for you than the high-fructose syrup usually found in sweets, but fruit also contains useful nutrients like vitamins and fibre. You will be surprised how much eating fruit instead of sweets can reduce your weekly sugar intake.


Get Healthy Tip #5 – Take the Stairs

Wherever possible. Burn calories and tone leg muscles instead of standing around gawking.


Get Healthy Tip #6 – Always Shop on a Full Stomach

Surprise surprise, but research shows hungry people tend to buy more unhealthy food when they do their grocery shopping. Do your wallet and waistline a favour. Have a quick, healthy meal or snack before you go food shopping.


Get Healthy Tip #7 – Read a Good Book

Improve your understanding, escape to a better world, cut stress and anxiety, spend a little less time online – the benefits just go on.


Get Healthy Tip #8 – Drink More

Water, that is. There are many benefits to be well-hydrated, including improved memory and concentration powers, better hair and skin health, and possibly even mild weight loss.


Get Healthy Tip #9 – Wear Sunscreen

And lastly, as the classic song says – if I could give you just one piece of advice, sunscreen would be it. Apply quality sunscreen each morning and prior to prolonged periods of time outside. Avoid premature sun damage, wrinkling, not to mention skin cancers.


What do you think? Any good tips you’d like to share? Let us know your thoughts, we love to hear your opinions!


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