Fountain of Youth


It seems science has at last discovered the fountain of youth.

Or at least, if you’re mouse.


Ageing Backwards

New gene therapy from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has succeeded in turning back the clock for lab mice, restoring brain and body functions lost due to ageing.

As a result of the experimental treatment, the mice experienced new brain and testicular growth, improved fertility, regenerating spleens and restoration of lost sensory function.


Explains the grin?


So, the question on everyone’s mind:

How, exactly? Herbal Ignite?



Seems a trustworthy guy

By triggering the gene that releases Telomerase, an enzyme that protects chromosomes from decay. In humans, Telomerase decreases with age and is a contributing factor to age-associated decline in mental and biological functioning.

The mice’s Telomerase genes were engineered to be externally controllable. The mice were also specifically engineered to suffer premature ageing causing severe genetic and tissue damage.

And when the gene was ‘switched off’, that’s exactly what happened. Once the Telomerase gene was switched back on however, to all appearances, the mice began to age backwards. To an extent, anyway. But who knows. A real, scientifically-based fountain of youth may be almost within reach.

So what would you do, if you had the option to turn the clock back a few decades?


Yeah. That’s what we thought.


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