Five Great Gift Ideas For Men

Get smart this year. Take the stress out of Christmas. Shop early and shop online. To help your deliberations we asked our man about the place Sam (late 20s and about to be married,)  to tell us what he wants. It might inspire you too.

1.       Anything Top Gear. I love Top Gear, and I don’t mind watching them again and again. Whether it is a t-shirt saying “I am the Stig”, or the 4 DVD Stig helmet collection or the Top Gear top tunes CD. I can’t get enough Top Gear just like 350 million other men around the globe.

2.       Adventure activities. I was over the moon when I got a flight training voucher on my birthday from my fiancée.  In addition to that I would be equally delighted to get a voucher to drive a race car or a rally car. Anything that makes memorable memories is highly recommended.

3.       Rugby / cricket /basketball tickets. With Christmas being in middle of summer there is always a cricket match going on in some part of New Zealand or Australia. Also you can purchase Rugby League or Super 14 tickets in advance. Aussi NBL tickets can also be highly appreciated.

4. Tools/ Power tools. Depending on your budget, you can find a tool or a power fitting in your budget. Choices vary from a Swiss Army knife to Makita power drills and air compressors for Nail guns.

5. Apple products /accessories. If you have a geek in your family or friends, then the ideal gift to give them is an Apple product. If your budget forbids you from spending bucket loads of money on Iphone or MacBook, then go for fancy accessories that bling your Iphone.

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