Financial Cheating as Bad as an Affair


No one should really have to be told that sexual infidelity is a sure-fire way to cause some relationship dramas.

New research however suggests there may be another type of cheating may be just as damaging—so-called financial infidelity.


Unaccountable Cheating

A joint survey between and SELF magazine of over 23 000 participants found that almost half of those surveyed had lied about money to their partner.

Women were found to be more likely to lie than men. The most common offenses were minor shopping fibs, like pretending a purchase had been on sale, or even that a new purchase was an old item. Ten per cent admitted to more serious deceptions, like hidden bank accounts or credit cards, and thirteen per cent admitted to having had relationships falling apart due to financial deception.

And that’s just the beginning. A full third of those surveyed said financial infidelity had, in some cases, lead to sexual infidelity. And a whopping two-thirds of those surveyed said they considered financial infidelity as serious as sexual infidelity.

The results seem clear:  spending secrets are definitely more than little ‘white lies’. Best keep your wallets, accounts and shopping sprees as transparent as possible!

There’s good news too though. Couples who do manage their finances well, and value their relationship above material success, are much more likely to remain happy and together.


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Financial Infidelity like an Affair




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