Feral Donkeys for Better Sex?


Watch out, feral donkeys of Australia. You are wanted.

As a women’s libido booster.


No, not the way you were thinking.


Donkey-Kick Your Sex Drive!

Chinese experts have announced that they expect Powdered Feral Donkey Skin to be one of their most successful animal-based aphrodisiacs yet, even more so than the perennially popular fresh monkey brains.


World’s greatest turn-on


And while it may not be the most bizarre aphrodisiac out there…


World’s second greatest turn-on


…it’s certainly got more than a few residents of Australia’s Northern Territory scratching their heads.

Local hunters are certainly taking an interest however. At this stage, the hide of a single feral donkey is estimated at being worth US$30. And as local pundits have pointed out, with 300 million wild donkeys believed to be roaming the state, this means the breakthrough industry is now potentially worth US$9 Billion.

Just so long as the powdered donkey skin works.



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