Fatfighting Underpants

Japanese innovation has struck again. Last night Technology group Ishatech went public with their latest product: a pair of underpants with an unusual, yet revolutionary feature. This announcement has surprised industry pundits, who say they are just not used to associating the Japanese with bizarre underwear.

The news of Ishatech’s underpants has spread quickly, due to the company’s claim that they will help consumers burn thousands of calories per week–simply by slipping into them each morning.

Innovative Materials

The revolutionary underpants utilise a unique high-tech resin combined with threaded spandex. This results in a thick, heavy fabric that clings tightly to the wearer, applying a ‘noticeable but not unpleasant pressure’.

When wearing the underwear, even normal everyday activities, like walking or climbing stairs, result in significantly increased heartrate and more rapid breathing. The inventors cite this as proof wearers’ muscles are working harder than normal.

Live the American Dream

A company spokesman says this product was aimed predominantly at the U.S market.

“At last, Americans everywhere will be able to combine their love of sluggardly torpor with their shameless narcissm,” Chief Inventor Tomari Ishamoto was quoted, via a translator.

“What Schwarzenneger achieved with blood, sweat, tears and years of steroids-abuse, you can get sitting in your lazyboy, watching professional athletes strain themselves like fools.”


Image taken from:  http://scrapetv.com/News


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