ED – Wake Up Call for Healthy Change

Problems with male sexual performance in later life are increasingly seen by doctors as the “canary in the mine” – giving a warning call of likely cardio disease in three to four years if not addressed with some kind of treatment program.

We’re not talking here about issues like premature ejaculation, which often creates problems in younger men, but with erectile dysfunction in men who have enjoyed a normal sex life but notice it is waning as they age.

ED – Two Causes

It’s likely to be caused by one of two issues – lowered testosterone or lack of blood supply to the penis area. If lack of blood supply is the issue, it indicates a closing off of the small arteries leading in the genital area, increasingly likely to show up as cardiac disease in three to four years.

Cardiologists have an aggressive treatment regime they recommend, but drug treatments can be enhanced by lifestyle changes that support overall health.

And ED can be seen as a wake up call for change that will have benefits far beyond the bedroom, including avoiding developing diabetes.

Five Health Steps to Reduce ED

1) Lose Weight AND

2) Exercise for 30 minutes 5 times a week

It has been shown by the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) that people who lost 5 to 7 percent of their body weight and exercised for a half hour each day 5 days a week cut their risk of developing by 58 percent; this contrasts with only 31 percent reduced risk for people who relied merely on medication. Whatever your weight, exercise is an important part of keeping healthy. Excessive body fat hinders the breakdown of and use of glucose essential for energy. The great news is that a mere 30 minutes of exercise per day, using activities that raise the heart rate for a suitable length of time, is one vital way of helping you to avoid diabetes and to maintain a healthy weight.

3) Reduce Sugar

Functional health specialist Dr Mark Hyman considers too much sugar is one of the biggest curses of the way we eat now in the industrialised West. High blood sugar levels is the underlying cause of the chronic disease which is killing us from heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Cut out sugar-laden drinks, replace with water or soda with a squeeze of lemon. Cut out sugar snacks, replace with fresh fruit and nuts.

4) Eat Less Fat

Consume less than 30 percent of your daily calories as fat, and only 10 percent of that as saturated. Avoid trans-fats as much as possible. Eat fish more often.

5) Eat More Whole Grains, Fruit and Vegetables

We need to start thinking of a “whole body” nutrient approach, not just think popping a few supplements or pharmaceuticals can keep us healthy. That means more of  Mediterranean diet – lots of whole grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish, and, perhaps, moderate alcohol intake are associated with a decrease in chronic disease and death from all causes.  Studies have shown that even amongst the elderly or those with existing heart disease, a change to this diet can reverse symptoms and reduce fatalities.

Herbal Alternatives for ED

Meantime, if you’re looking for a natural supplement to help with the ED problem, there are herbal alternatives that can also help support better blood supply to the penis area.  Herbal Ignite for example, contains horny goat weed, a herb with natural amounts of PDE5 inhibitors which do just that – increase blood flow to the penis. (PDE5 inhibitors are also found in pharmaceutical products like Viagra in much stronger concentrations.) It also contains tribulus terrestris, a herb which has traditionally been used to treat angina in Ayurvedic medicine, and has been shown to increase testosterone levels.


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