ED Predicts Heart Disease in 3 Years

Erectile dysfunction can impact on more than a man’s sex life. Recent studies have shown it is often an early warning sign of heart disease, foreshadowing possible future coronary risk by three or four years.

And while the risk is highest for diabetics, even in men who do not suffer from diabetes, ED is a strong predictor of future heart problems. Not surprising really, when you the similarities between the two conditions.

Why Heart Disease and ED Are Linked

Erectile dysfunction can occur when damage to blood vessels hinders the surge of blood needed to sustain an erection. Heart disease develops when blood flow to the cardiac muscle is choked off, often because of fatty-plaque build up or clots in the arteries.

And because the arteries in the penis are so much smaller than those entering the heart, the body notices the effects of restricted flow much sooner.

Both conditions are common with diabetes, when high levels of blood sugar course through the vessels and cause damage.

Wake Up Call for Change

For all those reasons, cardiologists strongly advise getting your heart checked if you start noticing problems with ED. Heart specialists say early aggressive treatment can prevent heart attacks or strokes and add years to lives.

You can take ED as a “Wake Up” call for life style changes that could help ward off both future cardiovascular disease and the onset of diabetes.

Five Steps to Reduce ED and Diabetes

  • Lose even a small amount of weight
  • Get 30 minutes of exercise five days a week
  • Cut back on sugar in snacks and drinks
  • Reduce fats
  • Increase fruit and vegetables

Herbal Alternatives for ED

Meantime, if you’re looking for a natural supplement to help with the ED problem, there are herbal alternatives that can also help support better blood supply to the penis area.  Herbal Ignite for example, contains horny goat weed, a herb with natural amounts of PDE5 inhibitors which do just that – increase blood flow to the penis. (PDE5 inhibitors are also found in pharmaceutical products like Viagra in much stronger concentrations.) It also contains tribulus terrestris, a herb which has traditionally been used to treat angina in Ayurvedic medicine.

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