Double Your Sperm Count in Ten Weeks

11 easy ways to double your sperm count, courtesy of Manly Solutions blog.

1. Avoid Heat Near Genitals
Studies have found that raising temperatures by even one degree can inhibit sperm production. Don’t take hot baths and avoid saunas. If you visit the beach, take regular breaks from sunbathing to cool off in the sea.
2. Avoid Alcohol
Booze “can have a toxic effect on the testicles,” according to Dr. Geeta Nargund, Medical Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine in London.
3. Wear Loose Clothing
Put on boxer shorts instead of briefs.
4. Get Plenty of Vitamins C & E
Men who are vitamin E deficient tend to have malformed sperms; and vitamin C has been shown to boost sperm formation.
5. Increase Intake of Zinc
Zinc plays a direct roll in the growth of new sperm. Fertility experts recommend eating plenty of zinc-rich food such as seeds and nuts.
6. Take Selenium
When given as a supplement, this mineral has been shown to double sperm production in low-count men. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium.
7. Consume Essential Fatty Acids
Found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, EFAs dramatically increase sperm quantity and quality.
8. Drink Filtered or Bottled Water Only
Tap water contains high quantities of chemicals that mimic the female hormone estrogen, which reduces male fertility.
9. Take Breaks From Sitting
Driving solidly for three hours a day or more has a detrimental effect on sperm counts – as does sitting at an office desk for long periods.
10. Eat Natural Foods
Pesticides can cut sperm counts, so eat organic vegetables.
11. Relax
Don’t put pressure on yourself. Studies have found that stress has a direct immediate effect on sperm count. So just relax and do what comes naturally.
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