Does Short Hair Signify ‘No Sex’

Does a short haircut mean women have gone off sex? It was sex therapist Pamela Stephenson – comedian Billy Connelly’s wife – who stirred up a hornet’s nest by suggesting when a woman cuts her hair short it signals – consciously or unconsciously – that she’s not interested in sex. It was a suggestion quickly picked up by the tabloids, because around the same time high profile wives like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes (married to David B and Tom Cruise respectively) were sporting very short hair cuts. Men Prefer Long Hair But very short hair is sometimes taken up by older women as a kind of branding statement – I might be past the age for breeding but I still can be unpredictable and interesting. Stephenson says ‘deliberately reducing one’s attractiveness’ can sometimes be a way of repelling men’s interest – and there’s no doubt nine prefer long hair.  Show them a picture of a woman with short hair or long, and nine times out of ten he’ll pick the longer haired version… You only need only watch a shampoo commercial to see that long hair is still shorthand for sexual attractiveness. Glossy, shoulder-length tresses are tossed from side to side as the ultimate sign of a woman at her peak. Touching and playing with our hair is also regarded as one of the more obvious flirtation techniques. Jerry Hall’s Hair But as hair “dresser to the stars” Richard Ward pointed out in a Daily Mail piece, there comes a point in every woman’s life when she questions whether she is too old to wear her hair long. It’s usually between the ages of 35 and 45. Ward – who includes Elizabeth Hurley and Gerry Halwell amongst his clientele – suggests “for Jerry Hall who, at 52, has clung to her trademark tresses for far too long, the answer is a definite yes.” At a certain age, long hair can start to feel a bit desperate. It’s the same as wearing a mini-skirt when you’re old enough to know better – it’s very mutton-dressed-as-lamb. There really is nothing quite as unsexy as someone who is trying a bit too hard. Older Women With Great Short Cuts So a shorter, more grown-up hair-style on an older woman is usually the best way for her to appear more confident and attractive. Annette Bening – married to one of Hollywood’s sexiest men Warren Beatty, Dame Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and even Barbarella herself Jane Fonda have all  proved older women can sport very short hair and still look sexy and stunning. And Mia Farrow reversed the trend to start long and  snip as you age by landing Frank Sinatra when she had her androgenous gamine cut as a young woman and graduating to longer hair as she aged. What Do You Think? So what do you think?  When a woman cuts her hair is she there a sub text which says “take me as I am. “I ‘m not interested in pleasing men or being a sex symbol.. Does it mean – heaven forbid – she is deliberately reducing her attractiveness to discourage her mate?  Any experience of  this you’d like to share?

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  • Debra Neisler

    I am struggling with this right now. I want to cut off my 10 years of dreadlocks and let my natural white/gray hair grow in. I am 58, recently divorced but feeling the need to start over. I have worn short hair many times and never wanted for male attention. I get lots of compliments on my hair…and when I read those comments about “deciding that women no longer desire sex”, I was kind of dismayed. Thanks for the alternate viewpoint!

  • sb

    I’ve recently cut off all of my hair in the middle of a “quarter life crisis “. Horrified the morning after I bought a wig. Switching each day from wig to short hair I’ve definitely noticed a trend walking through the streets of new york city. No men look at me when my hair is short, and I am definitely “hollered at” more when I am wearing the wig.

    often times when out on dates i choose to wear the wig and they go much better than those without. When I don’t wear it I often don’t get a second date. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence?

    However….can we mention how awkward it would be for me to get intimate with the wig on?

    But then I think about Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham. they rock it.

    Recently I decided to stop wearing the wig and just deal with the aftermath. Slowly but surely I’m getting my confidence back and hopefully will have a beautiful head of hair…in two years.

    Until then my word to the wise –if you’re 21 and living in new york city in hopes of having a great sex life..keep your hair.

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