Diabetes and Sex Life

Diabetes is a pressing problem these days in men and women. People suffering from diabetes often have low libido.   People are not open to discuss these issues with doctors about their sex life.  Talking to health experts will help in many ways.

According to survey   75 percent of men and 35 percent of women suffering from diabetes and not happy with their sex life. Most men are not comfortable talking about their problem.

Diabetes and Sex Life

Research shows sex drive can be  improved eventually with the following measures

  •  Controlling blood glucose
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Lowering triglyceride levels
  • Lowering stress level

 Impact of Diabetes on Men

Depression, Stress,  professional  and personal life can impact  libido .  Sexual life can become a nightmare for those leading stressful lifestyle . The most common sexual problem for men with diabetes is erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to have  satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse. Testosterone deficiency could be major problem for erectile dysfunction.

Although it is very common in men with diabetes, it’s one of the least talked-about complications

The good news is that it’s often possible to treat

It’s really important to talk about it, especially with one’s partner

There are a range of treatments available for this condition

There are clinics and health professionals that specialise in impotence

penile sleeves, vacuum pumps, injections, suppositories, and surgical implants.

Herbal supplements could help relieve stress and improve erections for better sex life.

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Impact of Diabetes on Women:

Women with diabetes  will not get satisfactory orgasm they  may find it difficult to stimulate lubrication, experience orgasm.

Word of advice:

Health expert suggest the following.

Lubrication: Water-based vaginal lubricants available over the counter from any pharmacy or herbal Gels available on line.

De stress:  Talk to health experts about what’s causing you stress in your day today life.  De stress your body, mind and soul. Practice yoga and positive out look towards life.  Stress can also inhibit sexual desire.


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Libido enhancers: Women libido enhancers might help reignite the lost romance and sex life . Herbal supplements restore hormonal balance , relieve menopause and lift mood and energy these herbal supplements are tested and proven formula combined  with exciting new sexual enhancer L-Arginine to increase libido and erotic response and rekindle desire.

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The bottom line:   Healthy life style, Happiness and positive outlook for life  is the key for better sex life.


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