Cupid’s Bow Gives Clue


Do you have the flat-lipped smile of Julia Roberts, or the curvy pout of Sophie Dahl? Flat or curvy, it all comes down to your Cupid’s Bow – the prominent raised points on upper lips.

There’s good reason the sexy curve is named after the god of Eros if a Scottish study into women with a strongly shaped upper lip – or tubercle – is to be believed.

The University of West Scotland research with more than 250 women aged 18 to 35, linked lip shape and sex experience and found that women with a well-defined upper lip were 12 times more likely to reach orgasm than their flat-lipped sisters.

Provocative Pout Strong Indicator

95 percent of those with well-defined Cupid’s bows claimed that they reach orgasm during intercourse, while only 60 percent of those with less-than-prominent dips in their lips were beaming in bed.

But those with a less provocative pout shouldn’t feel too disheartened — this same study also found that the lip shape had no influence on a woman’s ability to orgasm via other methods.

Tantric Solution?

Study author, psychology professor Stuart Brody, suggests lip shape may be determined by the same forces that govern neurological processes, meaning the tubercle itself don’t control orgasms, but rather, the processes behind it.

In Tantric lore, it is believed the psychic nerve known as Shanka Nadi runs from the upper lip to the genitals. In traditional teaching it is supposed to connect the upper lip with the clitoris. And Chinese facial analysis also credits a sharply defined Cupid’s Bow with sex appeal and high sex drive.

Erotic Lip Cinch

In their book Great Sex Made Simple Tantric experts Mark A Michaels and Patricia Johnson suggest traditional Tantric sex practice recommends the man sucks a woman’s upper lip while she sucks his lower lip.

Says Michaels: “We have experimented with reversing these recommended roles and have found that we both can feel the sensation if we pay close attention. . .  It is not a huge intense erotic charge, more like a subtle tingle in the genitals.”

So there we are.  Something new to try when you’re feeling adventurous!





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