Could Drugs Save Your Love Life?

Could Drugs Save Your Love Life?

Most of us probably think of ecstasy as a party or rave drug. Could carefully administered doses of this so-called ‘love drug’ prove a magic bullet for strained relationships though? Or at least MDMA, ecstasy’s key active ingredient.

Love Drug Rescues Relationships?

Oxford researcher Brian Earp believes it just might. A pioneer of ‘love drug’ research, in an interview with The Atlantic Earp even went so far as to declare parents owed it to their kids to try MDMA; due to the psychological impact of divorce.

He believes evolutionary biology is to blame for dwindling romance in long-term relationships, and argues almost all couples could salvage their flagging relationships with his ecstasy-extract.

Taken in a controlled environment, naturally. Think more doctor’s consultancy room than wild midnight rave.

Earp contends that love has come in to existence as a kind of relationship glue, something to hold parents together until children leave home and thus help perpetuate the survival of their genes. The issue facing modern couples, Earp thus suggests, is they live much longer than their ancestors. Who according to Earp would presumably have died long before the romantic spark of their relationship did.

It all does raise an interesting question though. If you could simply take a pill to fix your relationship woes, would you?

Chemical Bonding

Earp’s research is actually nothing new though. Before ecstasy was made illegal in the late seventies, MDMA was commonly used in relationship counselling and therapy, to boost compassion and empathy between sour spouses. Similar research with similar results has also been done on the hormone oxytocin, often dubbed the ‘good and evil’ hormone.

It’s also worth noting that when one partner’s depression or anxiety impact on relationships as a whole, anti-depressants can function as a legitimate chemical lift for the entire relationship. And indeed, people experiencing sexless relationships and the accompanying general relationship impact this brings can often find their wider love lives as a whole improved by taking ED drugs like Viagra, or else natural libido boosters.

Herbal Ignite, Natural Love Life Booster

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What Do You Think? Could something as simple as a drug really restore flagging relationships? Or are the researchers oversimplifying things? And is it worth using a currently illegal and potentially dangerous drug to do it? Let us know your opinion—we love to hear your thoughts!

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