Clever Wives Bring Health and Happiness

clever wivesHere is the secret for men who want to be happy and live to a ripe old age – marry a clever woman.

The evidence is piling up that men do a lot better married to an educated woman. She not only controls important decisions around the family’s eating habits and lifestyle – she also makes a significant contribution to the family income.

First there was research showing married men were far more likely to get screened for prostate cancer than men living alone – and consequently were less at risk from dying of the disease.

Live Longer

Then a Swedish study showed men with well-educated wives are healthier and live longer than their mates married to women with less education.

Researchers who looked at data on education, jobs and income for more than 1.5m men and women aged 30 to 59 said men married to women who left school at the first chance were 25 per cent more likely to die early.

Those married to women with a university degree were 13 per cent more likely to die early than those whose wives had a post- graduate qualification.

Be Happy

Now – the third strike for clever women – an Australian report says men in search of true happiness should steer clear of bimbos and dumb blondes: research shows men are happiest if they marry smart women.

“The higher the education level of the wife, the happier the husband is, says researcher Shane Mathew Worner, of the Australian National University’s economics program.  But that may be related to how much money she earns.

Asked to quantify what marriage is worth, men say they would have to earn an extra $136,000 a year as a single to achieve the same level of life satisfaction, and women say they would need an extra $122,000.

Every extra year of education a wife has under her belt significantly increases the chances her husband will report being highly satisfied with life.

Marriage Best for Men

The research shows marriage provides a much bigger happiness dividend for men than women. Married men are 135 per cent more likely than their single counterparts to report feeling highly satisfied with life.

A married woman on average is only 52 per cent more likely than a single to report feeling highly satisfied with life.

But that is because women generally are happier than men, with wives on average reporting higher levels of life satisfaction than husbands, the study shows.

A married man’s chances of achieving a high level of happiness – above a score of seven – are improved by 8 per cent for every extra year of education his wife has. But married women’s happiness level is unaffected by their husband’s years of schooling.

Women do not care how dumb their husbands are – but they feel happier if the men are smarter than they are, the study shows.

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