Chocolate or Sex?


What do women really prefer? Chocolate or sex? It’s a difficult question, isn’t it. And the more you think about it the harder it gets really.

In the interests of serving the general community, we’ve asked our resident Sexpert to compile the best reasons for both pleasurable pastimes coming out, erm, on top.


It’s a question that’s plagued scientists for years


Top Reasons Chocolate is Better than Sex


1)      Chocolate won’t get you preggers.


2)      You can enjoy chocolate around anyone, even your mother.


3)      Chocolate isn’t frightened by the word ‘commitment’. In fact, chocolate isn’t really frightened by anything.


4)      You can ask strangers for chocolate without getting slapped.


5)      It’s perfectly safe to have Chocolate when driving.



Just so long as you don’t confuse it with your cell?



6)      You won’t find out afterwards that your chocolate was taking penicillin.


7)      Good chocolate is easy to find.


8)      Chocolate satisfies even when it’s gone soft.


Top Reasons Sex is Better than Chocolate


1)      If you scream while eating chocolate people will give you funny looks.


2)      Chocolate makes you fat, whereas sex burns calories and tones.


3)      When chocolate gets hot it’s harder to eat.


4)      Slowly unwrapping chocolate achieves nothing.


5)      You get scolded if you have chocolate just before dinner.


That’s it! Go to your room, mister!


6)      Mixing chocolate with whipped cream will only jack up your dentist bill.


7)      Chocolate isn’t impressed by playing dress-ups.

8)      Wrestling chocolate to the ground is no fun.


What do you think? If you had to give up either chocolate or sex for life, which would it be? (Is it even possible to answer that question?)


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