Cheating Bad For Heart?

Cheating bad for the heart?

Apparently, adultery is bad for the heart. According to the Italians anyway, whose claim to expertise in such matters we won’t question.


Heart Attack Deaths More Common with Mistresses

Researchers at the University of Florence found fatal heart attacks were common amongst cheating men than faithful.

It’s not just the Italians though: there’s a wealth of studies out there now that show cheating men risk their cardiac health as well as their marriage.

And apparently adulterous activities away from home and with younger women are both particular risk factors.


‘Sudden Coital Death’

Technically, it’s called ‘sudden coital death’. And the Florentine researchers have uncovered a whole slew of medical research that seems to indicate sudden coital death is far more likely to be experienced with a mistress than wife.

The researchers found the key studies by scouring medical journal databases for research relating to the keywords ‘unfaithfulness’, ‘extramarital affairs’, ‘infidelity’ and ‘men’.

The studies obtained provided a valuable breadth of information on such cases, enabling the University of Florence researchers to draw correlations between the types of men who were unfaithful and the consequences.

Their analysis indicated heart attacks, including fatal ones, were fairly uncommon amongst men were having sex with their wives at home.  The more they strayed though, and the further afield, the greater the associated dangers. German research in in particular showed a clear connection between men who died from heart attacks during sex and the two key factors of infidelity and sex far away from home.

The researchers also found that in any given year, 4% of married men will have an affair, a probability that increases to 50% over the course of a man’s life.


Causes of Sudden Coital Death?

The Italian researchers felt they were unable to draw any hard conclusions about why this was the case, looking to hopefully answer this question with further research into the field. They speculated however that guilt, or possibly anxiety may be causal factors.

Other researchers have offered their own opinions on the findings though.

The stress of wining, dining and satisfying another woman, plus likely younger than the cheater’s wife, can all contribute to mounting stress and anxiety, as can the strain of keeping an affair a secret and the associated jumping through hoops necessary to achieve this.

Or as one researcher, Dr Alessandra Fisher puts it:

“Extra-marital sex may be hazardous and stressful because the lover is often younger than the primary partner… probably sex occurs more often following excessive drinking and/or eating… a secret sexual encounter in an unfamiliar setting may significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate…”

Interestingly, it also seems that heart problems are more common amongst cheaters who are still attracted to their wives. This appears to support the University of Florence researchers theory that guilt or anxiety may be critical factors.


What are Your Thoughts? Are cheating men who die of heart attacks getting their just desserts? What could the cause be? Stress? Guilt? Both? Or do you think the connection may be just coincidence? Let us know what you think, we love to hear your opinions!

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