Smoker’s Sag

It’s no secret that smoking sucks oxygen out of the skin, depriving cells of the nutrients they need, damaging fibres, reducing elasticity and speeding up wrinkling, sagging and premature aging.. That much skin specialists and cosmeticians already knew… But now a new study suggests you can pick a smoker by specific facial changes, including sagging of the upper eyelids and […]

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Better to Be Right Than Happy

A study to assess whether marriage improves if a husband agrees to all his wife’s demands had to be abandoned after the man sank into a deep depression within a fortnight. Researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand were hoping to test whether the key to a happy marriage lies in bowing to the whims of a partner and […]

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Trophy Sex – What Guys Want

  Scary reports from college guys in the US interviewed for a documentary on why they liked to “hook up” with girls. Forget all about the sweet fumblings of adolescent sex, of passion or even pleasure…   The main motivation for many of these young men in trying to get sexy with a woman was to “get her naked and take […]

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Photoshop Phonies

  Pick up any celebrity mag and you’re left wondering if the women displayed spend all day working at looking this good or whether they’ve just been lucky winners in the “genetic lottery” as Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russell has said. Turns out it may neither, but simply  the power of Photoshop. As a recent video that went viral so […]

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Lily’s Baggy Vagina

Lily Allen

Cheers for Baggy Vaginas Lily Allen is winning accolades from British Mums for “telling it like it is” in her new single Hard Out Here which puts her “baggy vagina” following childbirth up for discussion. In her first original single since 2009, the pop princess, whose songlist reads like a stream-of-consciousness complaint list of the modern woman, puts the post-birth […]

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Revenge #1

Revenge Porn #1

Break Up Prompts Revenge Online What to do about the growing problem of “revenge porn” – where men “get back” at ex-girlfriends by posting private nude images online. Once posted, the images are picked up and picked up by dozens, even hundreds of other porn sites, providing spurned husbands and lovers with new ways of wreaking vengeance on the women […]

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Keeping Married Sex Exciting

Married Sex

Want Exciting Sex?  Get Talking! Most couples who’ve been married more than a decade would honestly admit sometimes it’s hard keeping the spark alive in the bedroom.   Normal life and busy schedules tend to swamp the best intentions, and sex can become a quick obligatory exchange before exhausted sleep. So when women in those tiring relationships confess they are loathe […]

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Woody Allen and Women’s Fears

Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine

Bag Lady Fears With his latest movie Blue Jasmine Woody Allen has not only made a mini masterpiece but also something he has rarely done before – made a film that is topical.  Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of a fallen Park Avenue princess has evoked a secret nightmare that surveys show haunts many baby boomer women. And that’s that they will […]

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How Fifty Shades Changed Sex Toys

How Fifty Shades of Grey changed sex toys

Erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey has introduced more couples to the idea of trying bondage in sex in the same way that Sex and the City lured many women to experiment with vibrators. So says Matthew Curry, the marketing mind behind Lovehoney, one of Britain’s biggest sexual toy websites. Since the book’s well publicised success, a lot of new […]

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‘No satisfaction’ – Marianne and Mick

No Satisfaction - Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger

It wasn’t just Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger who “can’t get no satisfaction.” According to his famous lover Marianne Faithfull, life in the 60s wasn’t one long orgasmic love-in for her either. In an episode of the BBC’s family tracing TV show Who Do You Think You Are? screened in the UK recently, 66-year-old Faithfull says when she was […]

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