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Are There ‘Fat’ Tables At Restaurants?

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There’s A Wait ….Everyone Wants A Window If you’re hoping to get your waistline reduced by a few belt notches after too many festive season sweets, choose your table carefully the next time you eat out. That’s because a fascinating US study indicates where you choose to sit in a restaurant may determine your menu selection – and whether it’s […]

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Small Lifestyle Change – Long Benefits


A short eight week change in eating and exercising habits produced benefits that were still being felt a year later, a UK study into Mediterranean diet and exercise has found. It is thought the short time eating more salad, fish, legumes, whole grains, olive oil and  fruit and vegetables, combined with moderate exercise produced molecular changes in blood circulation that […]

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The Secret Of A Happy Marriage?

Happy Married Life

The secret to a happy marriage in later life?  Research indicates it’s hard to go past the simple prescription: sex is the key to marital happiness. A recent study looking at older married couples concluded it was important for older couples “to find ways to stay engaged in sexual activity, even as health problems render familiar forms of sexual interaction […]

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Preventing Cancer with Diet and Exercise


  Over 90 per cent of cancers are preventable, says a mammoth new report which focuses on the part that diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity play in causing cancer. The American Association For Cancer Research says the “war on cancer” has been a “qualified failure,” with cancer the second highest cause of death in the US after heart […]

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Six Things That Could Be Killing Your Sex Life


Some of the simplest little habits you’ve developed may be to blame for a lack lustre sex life. We take a look at six things you eat or do that may be killing intimacy. The Snack You Thought Was Perfectly Healthy     Nothing kills sex quicker than  . . .  genital pain. If you’ve never had a history of […]

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Gloria Steinem at 80

SteinemGloria_hi res

Gloria Steinem has often joked she expects her funeral to be a fund raiser. After all, she’s been throwing fund raising birthdays ever since she turned 40 and told a reporter: “This is what 40 looks like.” Late last month she turned 80 and before jetting off to Botswana to celebrate by riding an elephant she had a “This is […]

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Depression Breaks Hearts


Depression can really break your heart, according to a new Norwegian study, perhaps because it triggers stress hormones that accelerate heart disease. Investigation of 63,000 people shows those with mild depression were five per cent more likely to develop heart failure, but the number soared to 40 per cent for those with moderate to severe depression. Quick Anxiety Test Study […]

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Good Fat, Bad Fat


For nearly two decades, fat has been the villain for those keen to stay healthy. Conscientious eaters avoided all kinds of food with fat, particularly “animal” fats in cheese, eggs, red meat, and but even sometimes the fats in nuts and avocados. Saturated fat was practically a death sentence, responsible for “bad” cholesterol and clogged arteries, health authorities directed. But as […]

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Chocolate A Diabetes Buster


  A diet that includes substances found in chocolate, tea and berries could help protect people against diabetes and other diseases, a study involving 2000 healthy women in UK has found. Researchers at the University of East Anglia focused on flavones found in herbs and vegetables such as parsley, thyme and celery, and anthocyanins, found in berries, red grapes, wine and other […]

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Planning Ahead For Sex


  Passion by appointment is the new trend for busy couples who want to keep their marriage alive but find the days – and nights – just aren’t long enough. British website Netmums has ranked “scheduled sex” near the top of a list of new parenting trends for 2014 after an online poll of its members found three out of […]

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