More Sex Means More Money?

More Sex Means More Money?

Science says sex is good for you. In particular, researchers have claimed that quality and quantity of sex is a ‘barometer for health, quality of life, well-being and happiness.’ Can it really predict how much money you’ll earn though? Nick Drydakis of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge certainly thinks so. Four Times a Week or More The economics professor’s research, […]

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The Love Fix

Chemically-Assisted Love

Seems there’s a drug for everything these days. The latest though, in case you missed it, may be the most novel yet: A drug to fix relationship spats. Yep, that’s right, chemically-assisted love—right up the nose. Nasally Delivered Harmony For too long purists have located the seat of love and happiness in the heart, unfairly overlooking our romantically aspirational nasal […]

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Healthful Life a Sex-full Life

Clean Living Makes You Virile

Want to stay virile into your middle-age? Forget sex, drugs and rock and roll. In fact, you might want to forgo all that sort of thing full stop. Turns out, clean living just may be the key after all. Clean Living Improves Sex Some sexual health researchers have said that erectile dysfunction is almost inevitable, if a man lives long […]

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Female Viagra Coming Soon

Female Viagra

A pharmaceutical libido enhancer for women – the so-called “female Viagra” – may be approved for general sale as early as 2016 if large clinical trials currently being set up get the green light from authorities like the FDA. “Female Viagra” it might be dubbed in popular talk, but the differences between it and the Little Blue Pill highlight the […]

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New Lover Makes You Smarter?

new lover makes you smarter?

Can having sex make you smarter? A new Italian study appears to say yes, and apparently it helps if it’s sex with an new lover, too. Sex Smarts It seems that having sex can indeed boost your brain power, particularly in that new love (or limerence) phase. Or that’s the findings of new research from The University of Pavia, Italy […]

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Women, Wine and Great Sex

women, wine and great sex

Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives – or so new research from the University of Florence suggests. Trust the Italians! Glass or Two = Fun for You? The research was conducted with 800 Tuscan women aged 18 to 50, measuring both their sexual satisfaction and red wine drinking habits. To determine the former, the researchers utilised the […]

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Alcohol Lowers ED Risk

Alcohol infographics

If you’re a moderate drinker with erectile dysfunction and a well-meaning someone in your life – wife, doctor – suggests you give up the booze and you’ll be right, tell them about the Western Australia Men’s Health Study. This investigation of the life style and other habits of 1580 Aussie men showed drinking within normal guidelines actually decreases your risk […]

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Durex Announces New ‘Fundawear’

Long Distance Love

Feeling lonely? Durex’s new ‘Fundawear’ redefines the term ‘long-distance relationship’. And probably also ‘reach out and touch someone’. Long Distance Lovers So. What’s this so-called Fundawear all about? Durex has cunningly appropriated technology ordinarily used to make cellphones vibrate, wiring it into underwear in such a way that it can be remotely stimulated, allowing users to transfer their ‘personal touch’ […]

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Sorry Guys! Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

New research suggests that penis size may matter after all; and the bigger, the better. Is Bigger Better? Appearing in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this ground breaking new research into the importance of penis size shows that not only is a man’s attractiveness to women directly correlated to his penis size, but even the longest […]

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Good Sex Reduces Job Stress

Intimacy Reduces Job Strain on Male Sexual Health

Can a couple’s intimacy offset the negative impact of job stress on male sexual health issues? A new study seems to suggest so.   Strong Relationships Protect Male Virility New research from the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) suggests a couple’s relationship health can inoculate male sexual health against the negative impact of job-related stress. The landmark study provides […]

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