Casual Sex Good – If You Are a Bullying, Narcissistic Man

casual sex

US researchers are putting a new spin on casual sex, claiming that for some groups it is associated with – wait for it – higher self-esteem and life satisfaction – and lower depression and anxiety. Seems there is a catch though, because the group who get the biggest boost from casual sex are “sexist, manipulative, coercive and narcissistic men”. Wow!  […]

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Great Yarn – Too Bad that’s It’s All a Hoax

Penis enlargement

Heard the one about a man who purchased a “penis enlargement device” and got sent a magnifying glass with instructions “Do Not Use in Sunlight?” The merry tale of “Ong” (rhymes with “dong”) from Malaysia who was scammed for NZ$165 in pursuit of increasing his masculine dimensions went global after MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael […]

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Who Is the ‘Marrying Type?’

We’ve probably all got memories of friends from younger days who we “just knew” would be married before not-too-long.  We even dubbed them “the marrying kind.’ Now science has tried to quantify just what makes someone marriage material. A new study reported in Atlantic magazine looks at how attractiveness, personality and grooming influence your “marriageability rating” and comes up with […]

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Cosmo’s Weirdest Sex Tip Ever

It was ridiculed as Cosmo’s weirdest sex tip ever, yet a decade later Cosmo has had the last laugh. Far from recoiling from the public shaming, the infamous suggestion of putting a doughnut on your boyfriend’s penis and eating it off is enjoying new exposure. . . Challenged to check out the sex tip for a February 2014 issue, Cosmo […]

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Cupid’s Bow Gives Clue

Do you have the flat-lipped smile of Julia Roberts, or the curvy pout of Sophie Dahl? Flat or curvy, it all comes down to your Cupid’s Bow – the prominent raised points on upper lips. There’s good reason the sexy curve is named after the god of Eros if a Scottish study into women with a strongly shaped upper lip […]

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Planning Ahead For Sex

  Passion by appointment is the new trend for busy couples who want to keep their marriage alive but find the days – and nights – just aren’t long enough. British website Netmums has ranked “scheduled sex” near the top of a list of new parenting trends for 2014 after an online poll of its members found three out of […]

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Princes’ Hair Loss Perils

  Prince Harry is joining his brother Prince William in facing up to a thinning hairline which experts say is typical of inherited male pattern baldness. But hopefully neither is likely to follow pop star Justin Bieber’s cheeky suggestion that Prince William take baldness drug Propecia. If they want to take something for hair loss, they’d be better considering saw […]

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Spark Libido AND Lose Weight?

A “Viagra-type” pill for women designed to boost sex drive may also help them lose weight. The pill, called ORLIBID, is based on a synthetic version of melatonin, a natural hormone which gained popularity as a supplement for insomnia and overcoming jet lag. Research on how it affects sex drive has shown contradictory results, with claims that melatonin both increases […]

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Trophy Sex – What Guys Want

  Scary reports from college guys in the US interviewed for a documentary on why they liked to “hook up” with girls. Forget all about the sweet fumblings of adolescent sex, of passion or even pleasure…   The main motivation for many of these young men in trying to get sexy with a woman was to “get her naked and take […]

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Keeping Married Sex Exciting

Married Sex

Want Exciting Sex?  Get Talking! Most couples who’ve been married more than a decade would honestly admit sometimes it’s hard keeping the spark alive in the bedroom.   Normal life and busy schedules tend to swamp the best intentions, and sex can become a quick obligatory exchange before exhausted sleep. So when women in those tiring relationships confess they are loathe […]

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