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I would rather eat chocolate!!

eating chocolate

You’re married or in a long term relationship, enjoying mutually satisfying intimate relations. When you and your partner are together do you “make love” or are you “having sex”? Do you care what you call it?

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12 Practical Steps to Beat Love Addiction


12 step guide to overcome a break up and move on. really helpful!!

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Breaking Love Addiction

breaking love addiction

He – or she – is the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night. He’s – or she’s – your lover, your soul mate. You can read each other’s minds.  You are just meant for each other. It’s uncanny – almost a spiritual thing. That’s what you thought until little […]

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Why is love addictive?

love-addiction copy

what makes you addicted to love.

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Smelling Good and Bad Love

smelling good love copy

When it comes to discerning a new hot love, we should trust our noses. That’s the message from new research which shows that amongst the 10,000 different odours we humans can smell, the one that might be most critical to our future is the unconscious one of sniffing out a compatible mate.

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Is Love More Powerful than Sex?


Sex and romance may seem inextricably linked, but the human brain clearly distinguishes between the two, according to a new study. The upshot: Love is the more powerful emotion.

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