Revenge #1

Revenge Porn #1

Break Up Prompts Revenge Online What to do about the growing problem of “revenge porn” – where men “get back” at ex-girlfriends by posting private nude images online. Once posted, the images are picked up and picked up by dozens, even hundreds of other porn sites, providing spurned husbands and lovers with new ways of wreaking vengeance on the women […]

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Can Facebook Predict Break Ups?

Can facebook predict break-ups?

If your Facebook status is official and you’re still getting ads for dating sites in your Newsfeed, the social networking site may be anticipating a bust up in your love life. After analysing 1.3 million random FB users, computer scientists at Cornell University have developed an algorithm that they claim can tell if you’re in a long term relationship, and […]

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Keeping married sex exciting # 2

Keep Married Sex Exciting

You’ve acknowledged you want to do something about sparking up your love life. You might even have got around to talking about it with your “one and only” as recommended in Keeping Married Sex Exciting #1. So how to get started?  Sharing sex that is fulfilling and fun requires some attitude preparation: Here’s a few ground rules to help set […]

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Worst Advice for Newlyweds

Worst Newly-Wed Advice

Know someone about to tie the knot? If you’re the advice-giving sort, maybe check the list below before you start dishing out any pearls of wisdom too liberally. And if you’re a newly-wed yourself, consider yourself forewarned. Beware taking any of these hoary old chestnuts too seriously! #1 Tease Each Other This may be good advice for some couples, but […]

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Engaged? Do You Tell Your Ex?

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Gossip sites are buzzing with speculation that TV’s highest paid actor Ashton Kutcher and girlfriend Mila Kunis are engaged but keeping quiet about it so as not to upset Kutcher’s ex Demi Moore. The idea being tragic Demi might be catapulted back into rehab if she heard the news? True or not, it raises the question – should you keep […]

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Keeping Married Sex Exciting

Married Sex

Want Exciting Sex?  Get Talking! Most couples who’ve been married more than a decade would honestly admit sometimes it’s hard keeping the spark alive in the bedroom.   Normal life and busy schedules tend to swamp the best intentions, and sex can become a quick obligatory exchange before exhausted sleep. So when women in those tiring relationships confess they are loathe […]

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50s Relationship Tips Still Relevant

50s relationship advice still relevant

Think the fifties were marked only by backwards social attitudes and sexism? You might want to think again. While certain retrogressive attitudes towards did exist, not everything from the decade deserves to be relegated to the scrapheap. For example, the timeless relationship advice of one Dorothy Carnegie. Dorothy Carnegie’s Original Relationship Tips While her advice was aimed at women hoping […]

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‘No satisfaction’ – Marianne and Mick

No Satisfaction - Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger

It wasn’t just Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger who “can’t get no satisfaction.” According to his famous lover Marianne Faithfull, life in the 60s wasn’t one long orgasmic love-in for her either. In an episode of the BBC’s family tracing TV show Who Do You Think You Are? screened in the UK recently, 66-year-old Faithfull says when she was […]

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Life Is Short, Have An Affair

Ashley Madison, Life is Short Have an Affair

With their slogan ‘Life is short, have an affair’, online adultery dating service Ashley Madison makes no secret of what they’re about. And after a very successful launch in the west (current membership 20 million cheaters and counting), they’ve set their sights on a new market apparently ripe for their services: China. Huge Chinese Demand for Adultery Services? The company […]

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