One in Six Snuggles Leads to Sex

cuddle couple

One in six snuggles leads to sex, according to new research from the University of Michigan -whether that’s a positive or negative will of course depend on your mindset!

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The G-Shot: Orgasm Injection

G-Shot : G-Spot Orgasm Injection

Not sure where you sit on the debate over the G-Spot’s existence? So confident are a group of Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons, they’ve developed a new sex-booster treatment called the G-Shot – a collagen injection directly into the controversial G-Spot location. The G-Shot — Orgasm Injection All for a price, of course: a whopping US$1850 (NZ$2250) per treatment. The so-called […]

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The Humanitarian Hormone

Dr. Paul Zak, AKA 'Dr Love', author of The Moral Molecule

Could mushy rom-coms, cuddles and long walks on the beach actually make us better people? ‘Dr. Love’, Paul Zak, certainly thinks so.

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Best Exercise Regime Ever?

Pauline Potter

  Pauline Potter, current Guinness world record holder for world’s heaviest woman (292 kg / 643 pounds at time of official weighing), reports having found the best exercise ever: Sex. Lots and lots of Sex.   Marathon Sex Sessions Burn Fat Fast During an interview with UK magazine Closer, Pauline disclosed that ‘marathon sex sessions’ have helped her lose a […]

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