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Three Reasons Young Women Dry Up

Three Reasons Young Women Dry Up

The idea that vaginal dryness is a specific problem for women in menopause is being turned on its head, as increasing numbers of younger women are finding they need to supplement natural lubrication for pain-free sex. Doctors are seeing increased numbers of young women dealing with vaginal dryness and other sexual problems typical of menopause because of new birth control […]

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New Lover Makes You Smarter?

new lover makes you smarter?

Can having sex make you smarter? A new Italian study appears to say yes, and apparently it helps if it’s sex with an new lover, too. Sex Smarts It seems that having sex can indeed boost your brain power, particularly in that new love (or limerence) phase. Or that’s the findings of new research from The University of Pavia, Italy […]

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Women, Wine and Great Sex

women, wine and great sex

Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives – or so new research from the University of Florence suggests. Trust the Italians! Glass or Two = Fun for You? The research was conducted with 800 Tuscan women aged 18 to 50, measuring both their sexual satisfaction and red wine drinking habits. To determine the former, the researchers utilised the […]

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Five Male Exercises for Better Sex

five male exercises for better sex

Keen to supercharge your sex life, but not quite so keen on drugs? Fair enough. If you’re after good natural ways to boost your bedroom game though, these five exercises for men may be just what you’re looking for!   Better Sex Exercise #1 – Kegels No doubt you’ve come across Kegels several times before, but perhaps written them off […]

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Good Sex Reduces Job Stress

Intimacy Reduces Job Strain on Male Sexual Health

Can a couple’s intimacy offset the negative impact of job stress on male sexual health issues? A new study seems to suggest so.   Strong Relationships Protect Male Virility New research from the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) suggests a couple’s relationship health can inoculate male sexual health against the negative impact of job-related stress. The landmark study provides […]

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Top Ten Reasons Morning Sex is Best

Top Reasons Morning Sex is the Best

Just in case you were unconvinced, presenting the top ten reasons morning sex is the best. 1. Natural Bonding. Morning sex releases an especially large dose of oxytocin into both your bloodstreams, a feel-good chemical science has shown enhances feelings of bonding and relationship. 2. Greet The Day With A Healthy Glow. What better way to add a touch of […]

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Ten Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Everything you ever wanted to know about Fifty Shades of Great and more

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