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Staying Sensual in Your 40s


A new survey shows many British women say they enjoyed their best sex in their 20s, with their forties and fifties marred by sexual insecurity as they grow older. The Daily Mail reports that rather than feeling that “Life Begins at Forty” many women feel anxious, unattractive and unaroused as they reach midlife.  And many are unaware they may be […]

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Share the Love with Aphrodisiac Menu

friends lunch

If Valentine’s Day hype is getting you down, share the love and fight back with a February 14 menu composed entirely from “aphrodisiac” ingredients. The idea comes from Dr Dolores Lamb, a leading reproductive medicine researcher with a great sense of humor, who has held an “aphrodisiac luncheon” with prizes for the best dishes with her lab colleagues for the […]

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The Secret Of A Happy Marriage?

Happy Married Life

The secret to a happy marriage in later life?  Research indicates it’s hard to go past the simple prescription: sex is the key to marital happiness. A recent study looking at older married couples concluded it was important for older couples “to find ways to stay engaged in sexual activity, even as health problems render familiar forms of sexual interaction […]

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Marijuana Love Gel


Marijuana weed has enjoyed good and bad press when it comes to its aphrodisiac properties. For every man who attributes his failure to perform on too many joints (marijuana has been linked to ED) there are others proclaiming it gets them high in more ways than one. In Tantric tradition warmed marijuana milkshakes made from resin-laden cannabis flowers mixed with […]

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Great Yarn – Too Bad that’s It’s All a Hoax

Penis enlargement

Heard the one about a man who purchased a “penis enlargement device” and got sent a magnifying glass with instructions “Do Not Use in Sunlight?” The merry tale of “Ong” (rhymes with “dong”) from Malaysia who was scammed for NZ$165 in pursuit of increasing his masculine dimensions went global after MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael […]

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Spark Libido AND Lose Weight?


A “Viagra-type” pill for women designed to boost sex drive may also help them lose weight. The pill, called ORLIBID, is based on a synthetic version of melatonin, a natural hormone which gained popularity as a supplement for insomnia and overcoming jet lag. Research on how it affects sex drive has shown contradictory results, with claims that melatonin both increases […]

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Diabetes and Sex Life

Diabetes and Sex Life

Diabetes is a pressing problem these days in men and women. People suffering from diabetes often have low libido.   People are not open to discuss these issues with doctors about their sex life.  Talking to health experts will help in many ways. According to survey   75 percent of men and 35 percent of women suffering from diabetes and […]

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Keeping Married Sex Exciting

Married Sex

Want Exciting Sex?  Get Talking! Most couples who’ve been married more than a decade would honestly admit sometimes it’s hard keeping the spark alive in the bedroom.   Normal life and busy schedules tend to swamp the best intentions, and sex can become a quick obligatory exchange before exhausted sleep. So when women in those tiring relationships confess they are loathe […]

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Life Is Short, Have An Affair

Ashley Madison, Life is Short Have an Affair

With their slogan ‘Life is short, have an affair’, online adultery dating service Ashley Madison makes no secret of what they’re about. And after a very successful launch in the west (current membership 20 million cheaters and counting), they’ve set their sights on a new market apparently ripe for their services: China. Huge Chinese Demand for Adultery Services? The company […]

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Healthful Life a Sex-full Life

Clean Living Makes You Virile

Want to stay virile into your middle-age? Forget sex, drugs and rock and roll. In fact, you might want to forgo all that sort of thing full stop. Turns out, clean living just may be the key after all. Clean Living Improves Sex Some sexual health researchers have said that erectile dysfunction is almost inevitable, if a man lives long […]

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