Middle Aged Men In Lycra

Suddenly they are everywhere you turn – the Rise of the MAMILS (middle aged men in lycra.) In the last ten days they’ve made the cover of Time magazine (Manopause: Aging, Insecurity, and the Ten Billion Testosterone Industry) and the pages of several of the big British newspapers. The Daily Mail blamed the phenomenon of men donning lycra and mounting […]

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Fighting Men Macho No More

Macho Soliders1

Young soldiers are three times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than civilian men of a similar age, a study of US military personnel has found. The rate of ED in the 36 to 40 year old age group was twice that of civilians of a similar age, according to University of Southern California research. Study author, Sherrie L. […]

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Exercise Before Dieting To Keep Muscles Strong


Start exercising before you go on a diet if you want to prevent the common problem both younger and older women face of losing muscle tone and strength when they lose weight. A new study published by the Endocrine Society in the US has found getting involved in physical activity before you go on a diet helps preserve muscle and […]

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Sports Sex Ban Theory Debunked at World Cup


The long held idea that having sex before big sports events impairs a man’s on-field performance has been debunked (well kindof) at the World Cup in Brazil, where every team that banned sex has failed to make it past round 16. All of the teams that completely banned their players from having sex during the World Cup – namely Bosnia […]

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Why is Xero Boss Rod Drury – And High Achieving Kiwi Men Like Him – So Modest?

Had the pleasure of hearing EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Rod Drury speak at the American Chamber of Commerce a few days ago  . . . and came away asking myself what it is about New Zealand men that they seem so reluctant to own their own success. Serial entrepreneur Drury is doing a fantastic job being the tallest of […]

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Casual Sex Good – If You Are a Bullying, Narcissistic Man

casual sex

US researchers are putting a new spin on casual sex, claiming that for some groups it is associated with – wait for it – higher self-esteem and life satisfaction – and lower depression and anxiety. Seems there is a catch though, because the group who get the biggest boost from casual sex are “sexist, manipulative, coercive and narcissistic men”. Wow!  […]

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Do Hot Cars Attract Hot Women?

Borat had no doubt what he was looking for in a car – it was a “pussy magnet.” And the car salesman Borat talked to knew just what sort of car that would be – a Corvette.  Or a Hummer . . . Except according to a recent survey, times have changed since Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 mockumentary played merry […]

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Great Yarn – Too Bad that’s It’s All a Hoax

Penis enlargement

Heard the one about a man who purchased a “penis enlargement device” and got sent a magnifying glass with instructions “Do Not Use in Sunlight?” The merry tale of “Ong” (rhymes with “dong”) from Malaysia who was scammed for NZ$165 in pursuit of increasing his masculine dimensions went global after MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael […]

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How Going Apple-Shaped Will Devastate Your Sex Life and Other Stuff Your Doc Should Tell You.

Ever thought that what you eat influences your sex life in ways you’ve never dreamed?  And we’re not talking about the so-called aphrodisiac foods like oysters, but rather the pie-and-mash you choose to eat every day. Changing what you serve up to yourself daily can bring your sexual health as well as general physical health back to tip top condition. […]

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Would You Marry The Same Dude Again? Unprecedented Numbers Are Choosing Just That Option.

If you had a chance to renew your wedding vows and choose all over again to ‘love and to cherish’ the same man or woman you settled for ten or 20 years ago, would you do it? That’s the choice that many gay couples are saying a whole hearted “Yes” to, as the right to wed across gender boundaries expands. […]

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