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Six Things That Could Be Killing Your Sex Life


Some of the simplest little habits you’ve developed may be to blame for a lack lustre sex life. We take a look at six things you eat or do that may be killing intimacy. The Snack You Thought Was Perfectly Healthy     Nothing kills sex quicker than  . . .  genital pain. If you’ve never had a history of […]

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Sharing Sex Video Cops $5000 Fine. And That’s Not the Strangest Thing About It


Footballer Konrad Hurrell copped a NZ$5,000 fine from Rugby League bosses after a sex tape of him and his soap-opera star girlfriend was leaked online, but a new survey indicates he’s far from alone in thinking sharing sex online is pretty cool. Venturebeat reports the availability of smartphones and webcams is making people more sexually confident as the opportunities provided […]

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Cosmo’s Weirdest Sex Tip Ever


It was ridiculed as Cosmo’s weirdest sex tip ever, yet a decade later Cosmo has had the last laugh. Far from recoiling from the public shaming, the infamous suggestion of putting a doughnut on your boyfriend’s penis and eating it off is enjoying new exposure. . . Challenged to check out the sex tip for a February 2014 issue, Cosmo […]

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Boys’ Own Contest

A “hot” doco about an Icelandic penis museum proves fact really is stranger than fiction. Sigurdur Hjartarson has spent the last 35 years collecting a penis from every living mammalian species, from the tiny hamster to the massive sperm whale.  There is only one gap left – and that’s the display space reserved for a human penis. Described by Toronto […]

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My Grumpy Valentine


Instead of sickly hearts, cheap teddies or wallet-gouging red roses, how about Bad Valentine’s tokens that set a bit of a reality check on commercial soppiness? Or you might go one step further and send a Valentines card to guarantee you get dumped. If you don’t want to go that far, there’s a supermarket chain Cut Price thrifty 7 pence […]

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Better to Be Right Than Happy


A study to assess whether marriage improves if a husband agrees to all his wife’s demands had to be abandoned after the man sank into a deep depression within a fortnight. Researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand were hoping to test whether the key to a happy marriage lies in bowing to the whims of a partner and […]

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Kissing Frogs to Find Princes

Kiss this frog

The average woman will kiss 15 men and have her heart broken twice before she discovers “The One,” according to new research. But she will also have: Been in love twice Lived with one ex-partner Had four one night stands Had four disaster dates Had two blind dates and two internet dates Been stood up once If she manages to survive […]

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James Bond Impotent?

Film Still: ThunderballSean Connerypic provided by Kapa Press

  An analysis of Ian Fleming’s fourteen James Bond novels shows 007 drank so much he was at risk not just from cirrhosis, liver disease and premature death, but also from impotence, according to a light-hearted study in the British Medical Journal. The medical experts found that 007 drank more than four times the recommended weekly alcohol limit, with a […]

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Hell Hath No Fury . . .


It’s not just men who seek revenge online when a relationship turns sour. Seems more women are venting their fury on public shaming sites which harass not the man who betrayed them, but the woman he chose in preference to her. Slate magazine highlights a site called She’s A Homewrecker where women submit photos of “bitches”  their cheating their boyfriends/husbands […]

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