Calorie Cuts Don’t Increase Lifespan

Rhesus Monkey Calorie Reduction Diet No Lifespan Gains

Thinking of following the Methuselah Mice, and increasing your lifespan with a cut to your calorie intake? New findings suggest this might not apply to people after all…

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Best Exercise Regime Ever?

Pauline Potter

  Pauline Potter, current Guinness world record holder for world’s heaviest woman (292 kg / 643 pounds at time of official weighing), reports having found the best exercise ever: Sex. Lots and lots of Sex.   Marathon Sex Sessions Burn Fat Fast During an interview with UK magazine Closer, Pauline disclosed that ‘marathon sex sessions’ have helped her lose a […]

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The Real Biggest Losers

  While at first it may seem a tad exploitative—watching heavily overweight people struggle with challenging exercise and food temptations on international television—at least NBCs The Biggest Loser helps participants to actually do something, to take steps to becoming healthier, happier individuals. Right? Wrong. As it turns out, the show’s crash-diet and high intensity exercise regime has serious long-term health […]

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Chocolate or Sex?

  What do women really prefer? Chocolate or sex? It’s a difficult question, isn’t it. And the more you think about it the harder it gets really. In the interests of serving the general community, we’ve asked our resident Sexpert to compile the best reasons for both pleasurable pastimes coming out, erm, on top.   It’s a question that’s plagued […]

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No Muscle From Walking?

Just how useful is walking, as a low-impact exercise? Does the ten thousand steps per day rule need revision? Perhaps. A new study has found that women who walk in excess of ten thousand steps per day do not have better muscle strength than those who walk less than seven thousand. No Muscle Difference Women aged between fifty and seventy […]

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Eating More Important Than Exercise

Even if you exercise regularly, watching what you eat is still the key to preventing age-related weight gain.

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