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Why is Xero Boss Rod Drury – And High Achieving Kiwi Men Like Him – So Modest?


Had the pleasure of hearing EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Rod Drury speak at the American Chamber of Commerce a few days ago  . . . and came away asking myself what it is about New Zealand men that they seem so reluctant to own their own success. Serial entrepreneur Drury is doing a fantastic job being the tallest of […]

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Great Sex: Heaven On Earth At Any Age?


Fading Gigolo may have a preposterous premise – that beautiful women would pay an aging gigolo for sex – but Canadian research shows optimal sex has more to do with state of mind than body parts. Its really not all about technique or the amount of time it takes.

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What’s Quantum Energy Got To Do With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Famous ‘Uncoupling’? You’ll Be Surprised!

Gwyneth and Chris martin

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest Goop newsletter contains a bread crumb trail that hints at some curious conclusions about what goes down between her and Coldplay frontman ex-husband Chris Martin. You’ll recall Goop is the lifestyle advice website launched in 2008 which draws hundreds of thousands of well-educated women making more than $60,000 a year and aspiring to a lifestyle just like […]

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Maya Angelou on Love Liberates. Farewell to a Wise Woman.


There are masses of YouTube video clips of Maya Angelou available for viewing –  the Iconoclasts Facebook series where she partners in conversation with stand up comedian Dave Chappelle is one of the most fascinating – but this clip of her recitation on “Love Liberates” is as poignant as anything else I’ve seen. A great reminder of how precious lives […]

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Happy 66th Birthday to fabulous Stevie. Plus Christine McVie on rejoining Fleetwood Mac at 70


Rock ‘n Roll aristos Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie have been best girl friends forever. As Stevie turns 66 and Christine returns to Fleetwood Mac aged 70, they reflect on how women in rock, and how they manage to stay “Forever Young.”

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Would You Marry The Same Dude Again? Unprecedented Numbers Are Choosing Just That Option.


If you had a chance to renew your wedding vows and choose all over again to ‘love and to cherish’ the same man or woman you settled for ten or 20 years ago, would you do it? That’s the choice that many gay couples are saying a whole hearted “Yes” to, as the right to wed across gender boundaries expands. […]

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Sharing Sex Video Cops $5000 Fine. And That’s Not the Strangest Thing About It


Footballer Konrad Hurrell copped a NZ$5,000 fine from Rugby League bosses after a sex tape of him and his soap-opera star girlfriend was leaked online, but a new survey indicates he’s far from alone in thinking sharing sex online is pretty cool. Venturebeat reports the availability of smartphones and webcams is making people more sexually confident as the opportunities provided […]

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Gloria Steinem at 80

SteinemGloria_hi res

Gloria Steinem has often joked she expects her funeral to be a fund raiser. After all, she’s been throwing fund raising birthdays ever since she turned 40 and told a reporter: “This is what 40 looks like.” Late last month she turned 80 and before jetting off to Botswana to celebrate by riding an elephant she had a “This is […]

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Happy Birthday Diana Ross


Diana Ross turned 70 on March 26, provoking a rash of “tribute” stories but pop’s femme fatale refuses to be consigned to the past. She has at least 22 concerts planned for the year, mainly within the US, after having spent much of last year touring in South America and the US. And while – as The Daily Telegraph’s chief […]

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Four Keys to Happy Love


  A few years ago Nate Bagley was a single guy fed up with seeing Tiger Woods and Chris Brown as the ‘spokespeople’ on relationships. Both of them were men behaving badly, but they seemed to be the only people getting air time. So he started a Kickstarter and used his life savings to tour the USA and interview 100 couples in happy, […]

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